Fever in Baby: Essentials to Keep on Hand

Fever can happen anytime of day or anytime of year, so you don’t want to be caught short without the needed supplies to make baby feel comfortable (especially at midnight!). Here’s the short list of fever essentials recommended by pediatric nurse practitioner Megan Jolin: Digital rectal thermometer: Pediatric healthcare professionals prefer parents get the best reading of a baby’s core temperature with a digital rectal thermometer. It’s easy to use and provides the most accurate number compared to other thermometer options.
  • Fever-reducing medications – health professionals advise keeping different options on hand so you can temporarily reduce fever and pain:
    • Liquid oral acetaminophen for when your child will cooperate with oral dosing of medication.
    • FeverAll® Acetaminophen Suppositories for situations where your child may be tight-lipped, spitting up, has a habit of spitting out liquid medication, or is vomiting, so you can ensure the proper dose of acetaminophen when liquid medication won’t or can’t stay down.  They are small and easy to administer.
  • Sources of hydration that your child will tolerate, including juice, soup, gelatin and ice pops.
  • Comfort items, including a favorite toy, blanket, book, and lots of cuddles, which we know are never in short supply!
   Photo credit: Happenings of the Harper Household blog

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