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2 out of 3 moms have experienced situations when their child is vomiting, nauseous, or having difficulty swallowing and oral administration is difficult.1

In those situations, FeverAll®1 provides the right option to temporarily relieve pain and reduce fever.

  • Provides equivalent relief to oral analgesics for fever reduction2
  • Smaller size than store brand for easy administration3
  • Provides consistent dosing every time
  • The only 80 mg acetaminophen suppository available
  • On package dosing for infants as young as 6 months old
  • Available throughout the US at Drug and Mass retailers

Study showing Liquid Dosing errors of Children's Medication suggests the need for more precise dosing with FeverAll® Acetaminophen Suppositories

Click here to read the study.

1 Study completed among 500 women with children in May 2012

2 “Effectiveness of Oral vs Rectal acetaminophen, A Meta Analysis”; Lee Hilary
    Goldstein MD, ArchPediatrics Adolesc Med/Vol 162 (No. 11), November 2008

3 Children’s FeverAll® 120mg

* Data on file

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