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#1 Doctor Recommended Acetaminophen Suppository Brand

2 out of 3 Moms have experienced situations when their child is vomiting, nauseous, or having difficulty swallowing and oral administration is difficult.1

1 Study completed among 500 women with children in May 2012

FeverAll® is available in the following presentations through wholesalers.

Each FeverAll® suppository is color coded by strength to lower risk of incorrect dosing.

#1 Doctor Recommended Suppository Brand
Suppository Dosage Count SKU Suppository Foil
80 mg 6 count 51672-2114-2 white with blue text
80 mg 50 count 51672-2114-4 white with blue text
120 mg 6 count 51672-2115-2 white with purple text
120 mg 50 count 51672-2115-4 white with purple text
325 mg 6 count 51672-2116-2 white with green text
325 mg 50 count 51672-2116-4 white with green text
650 mg 50 count 51672-2117-4 white with red text
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